On Becoming a Morning Person

I have a tip for becoming a morning person. It’s easy as hell and I used it for myself and for kids, and last week three people in the office told me that they use this tip. Here’s what it is…

Go to bed with water next to your bed, and when you wake up, if you’re tired, drink at least two cups of water, then wait 5-10 minutes.

That’s it. See here’s the thing. Think about how much liquid you drink between the time you wake up and say 8PM. Now think about how much water you drink between 8PM and the time you wake up. Probably very little, right? And I think most of us sweat at night, at least some. Imagine if you spent the day not drinking water, how you would you feel. Drowsy, gummy eyes, unfocused, and generally ‘dry’. I mean, doesn’t that also describe trying to get up in the morning?

Let me know if you try it and if it works. I know it works for me, and it works for my kids (if they don’t want to get up I give them the option of “getting up now or drinking a bunch of water”.  They always choose the water and within 5 minutes they get up without me nagging them.

If you try this, please share it. Again, I’m not  a doctor or a scientist, but this method is something I’ve used for 20 years and it really works!


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