Playgrounds without rules

I just *so* love stories like this because it makes sense. Apparently this New Zeeland primary school (ages 6-16) got rid of the safety rules on their playground as part of a university experiment. The results were: Less bullying, less graffiti, less faculty monitors needed for recess, happier kids. The kids made mudslides, skateboarding and (gasp) climbed trees. All activities that might get them hurt.

So let’s get this straight, we build lots of useless rules and kids don’t take responsibility for their own lives. We get rid of rules and they do. Sort of like life, right? I mean seriously it’s actually JUST like life.

Studies show the traffic circles are safer than any other form of intersection. This is because you ALWAYS look at what the “other guy” is doing in an intersection. With a traffic light (which seems safer on the surface) it’s easy to forget that the person coming in the other direction might not stop. Think about it, have you ever heard of someone getting hit by someone running a red light? You simply can’t get that in a traffic circle.

Get rid of rules, less accidents. Works for kids are grown ups.

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