What did you create today?

This is the question I asked my kids every day this week (it’s winter break so there was no school). I realized recently that it wasn’t “screen time” I had a problem with, it was the ratio of creation to consumption that was out of whack. So this week (over winter break) I required that the kids create something every day. There was some question about what constituted “creation”. Snow Forts? (yes) Minecraft? (no) Lego? (no) Taking pictures or making a video with legos? (yes). Build their own video game? (yes) Testing out premade video games? (no) Building a Starcraft map? (no)

So how did it go?

It went great. Some of you might have already seen the cupcake pictures. Ian (age 6) made up this recipe himself. Jiffy, Baking powder. 2 eggs. Milk. Food coloring. Charlie (8) convinced him to use different color food coloring in different bowls so they came out tie-died.

IMG_0774 IMG_0768

He also built a number of snow forts and wrote a number of impressive stories (for a kindergartener) including this fragment:

Where the cold winds blow a snow leopard walked with sharp fangs and soft fur. As soft as a pillow. A very soft pillow.

Charlie built a hinged box and learned all about the difficulty of nailing into a knot in the wood. She used hammers, nails, a saw, chisel and sandpaper. She also designed and painted a number of little pine-cone critters and painted.


Max mostly stuck to learning Sketch-Up, which is a 3D modeling program used by architects. Here are some screenshots of the castle he designed.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 10.04 PM  2-23-14 PastedGraphic-1


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