Why would you ever visit a bank again?

I imagine most of you have used “Square Cash”, well it’s gotten even EASIER. For those of you who don’t know Square Cash here’s how you can email money to someone with no fees and no hassle:

  1. Type a dollar amount into the subject of your email (i.e. $1.47)
  2. Copy (cc) cash@square.com on the email

That’s it.

I mean you and your friend (or kid in my case since they now have ATM cards for this very reason) will get an email to confirm the transaction, and the first time you use it you may have to link a credit card to your email (but if you use the Square swiper you might not even need to do that).

No routing numbers. No strange logins. No odd account numbers. Just an email.

But today they announced another cool feature.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 8.28.30 PM

Instead of copying “cash@square.com” on the email you can copy “request@square.com” and instead of *sending* money you can *request* money. Duh!

How simple is that?

This is usability 101. They took a process that used to take days 10 years ago and turned it into seconds.

What’s amazing is Tristan joined us when we went to the bank and closed out Charlie and Max’s old-school pain in the ass bank account, but he’s 2. So he’s not even going to ever REMEMBER the crap most of us had to deal with for banks. He may never have to walk into a bank branch. Or fill out one of those stupid withdraw forms. Or have to ask a teller to look up his account number (really we still have those things?).

Next up, better banking for businesses.

I love the future, and it’s not even here yet!


2 thoughts on “Why would you ever visit a bank again?

  1. Bank transactions are what I use to figure expenses for my tax return. How does Square Cash help me with that. Full disclosure: I kicked Quickbooks to the curb and now use FreshBooks for my business accounting. It connects directly to my bank and downloads all the transactions except for deposits since they are accounted for mostly by invoices being paid. Invoices are connected to time tracking. Invoicing takes me about 10 minutes every two weeks. Recurring billing is used for web hosting customers. Customers can pay bills with PayPal or a credit card if they want(hate that when the invoice is for less than $100). All invoices are emailed. I know from FreshBooks who’s opened those emails and viewed their invoices. Snail mail invoices cost $1.79 or something like that; just click a button. And the customer gets an email when the invoice is paid; auto generated by Freshbooks.

    Sorry. Did I get off on a Freshbooks rave?


  2. Yeah, my bookkeeper doesn’t use Freshbooks so we’ve been stuck on Quickbooks, but if I was starting from scratch I would reconsider.

    RE: Square. It’s tied to your ATM card, so I imagine you’d just use that.


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