What is a “good” parent?

You’re heading out somewhere cool and you offer to take your child with you. They text back and say they’re interested and ask you to pick them up somewhere, but the text is cryptic. You’re not *quite* sure where to pick them up, but you’re on a timeline.

What do you do? What would a “good parent” do?

I find it fascinating that people can have SUCH different thoughts on this. See I know many people that think that “a good parent” would drive around and try a couple of places and maybe even wait at one of the places for 5-10 minutes if necessary to try to pick up their child.

But my first reaction is to just go without them and when I see them next just say “Sorry I couldn’t figure out your text. next time you should confirm”.

Now *neither* of these makes a *bad* parent, but for in my book, the BEST thing I can do for my kids as have them learn what they need to make smart choices when they’re teenagers and beyond. I need to let them experience natural consequences and understand that clear communication is critical.

Which is why my kids don’t have cell phones. This whole situation could be resolved if my kids took cell phones with them everywhere. Which they could… if they wanted to buy themselves a cell phone and earn some money for a phone plan… which is another life-lesson with a consequence.


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