Curiosity is the most important skill to teach children

Interesting article from NPR about why curiosity is THE most important skill to teach kids. I definitely agree it’s in the top 5… not sure if we can say that EVERY kid has to learn the same thing and all that. And as someone who has to hire graduates of our currently 16-year-long education system (assuming a 4-year degree), I can tell you that unless you’re trying to hire obedient drones (i.e. McDonalds workers), it’s a problem.

Here’s a couple of choice quotes from the article:

One of the keys to Einstein’s genius was his determination to never stop questioning, to ‘never lose a holy curiosity.’


In a Boston Public School remedial summer program for high school students, a teacher deliberately and consistently taught the skill of question formulation. By the end of the program, her students felt they were “getting good at this question thing.” One student said: “It makes me feel smart.”


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