Parent Teacher Conferences

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I LOVE the outcome of Max’s parent-teacher conference this year.

My friend Mike mentioned that at the charter school that his kids go to the kids are expected to run their parent-teacher conferences. They come prepared with things to work on and a plan and the teacher just basically nods and smiles the whole time. Very cool and empowering, so I’ve been pushing for that at Max’s school. His teacher resisted in the Fall, but when I brought it up again he said they don’t normally have Spring parent-teacher conferences but he’d be happy to make an exception and let Max join us. Never having run one of these before I used my standard employee review questions.

  • Favorite things – He actually loves everything about school, but especially when he finishes his assignments early and can goof off or work on a special challenge project.
  • Least favorite things – Couldn’t think of anything.
  • Things someone could do differently to make his life better – He wished the music teacher would let the kids pick the songs since the songs are really boring. His teacher said he’d look into it and see if the music teacher was limited by standards or if she could be more flexible. Definitely worth the ask.
  • Things Max could do to make someone else’s life better – He struggled with this one a little but with some coaching from his teacher it was decided that he could offer to help some of his classmates who struggle with math.
  • Things to do differently over the remaining months of the school year – This is the one that blew me away. Max said he felt like he needed to focus more on his spelling and asked if he could be moved up a level. The teacher made sure he understood it would be harder, and involve more homework and classroom work, but Max wanted to do it so the teacher moved him up.

All-in-all a very productive parent-teacher conference!



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