The Trick

Great bedtime tonight, and I’m convinced part of it is because I turned off the *fairly* bright hallway light (40w or so) and replaced them with night lights. I mean it’s harder to sleep when it’s bright, right? So it makes sense.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time so I finally got clearance from the boss and made it happen tonight and it went well.

So I think I’ve found the trick.

Which is sort of an inside joke because one thing we realized as parents that “the trick” works exactly 3 times. Just long enough that you think you’ve “solved” parenting, and then it stops working, just when you think this one time is going to be “the one”.

And despite knowing this, I’m going to be all surprised in two nights when “the trick” doesn’t work any more… but I think we have a babysitter that night, so whew… :)


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