Sub of the year award!

Well I didn’t really get a “sub of the year award” but I was in the building today and the principal pulled me aside to say kids were talking about me (in a positive way) and one parent even called saying they heard so many great things about me and were hoping I was a new teacher in the building!

Not bad for my first day. Other interesting observations:

  • The student who’s mom called was (surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly) the one who I had to smack down (figuratively of course) a few times in over the first two hours. I had him work on his own, away from everyone and then when he was slacking I ignored him until everyone else moved on to more fun stuff and then MADE him do the work. It was interesting that his mom is the one who called singing my praises (according to the principal).
  • Student teaching is probably helpful before people’s first day in a classroom. I’ve never done it, but I think it would have made me a stronger teacher to spend a week or two with a few different teachers.
  • The classroom I was teaching in has a GREAT teacher so it really made my job easy.

All that being said, if you say you’ve programmed video games, kids are going to love you even if you suck as a sub, so I’m taking all this with a grain or salt, but at least the principal is open to having me back some time… :)


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