5 tips for getting ready for school in the morning

NOTE: This is a guest post from Charlie Grace Mark. Age 8.

IMG_1318I have to get up in the morning and get all my school things ready and so to do that I need to do some things that I’ll tell you.

  • I recommend making your lunch the night before and having it all packed up in your backpack, ready at the door. Because when I do that and it’s time to get out the door, I can just grab my backpack and go.
  • I get up at 6:45 and lie in bed to get myself a little more awake so I’m not really tired when it’s time to get ready.
  • At Hilltown Cooperative Charter School currently a public bus comes by and I have to pay to get on. You need 75 cents and to make sure you have that pack a bunch of quarters and leave them in your backpack in one pocket so you can always just open up your backpack, grab them out and then get on the bus.
  • For clothes, in the night I get out my cloths and I pick out my own outfits and I lie them on the floor so when I get up I can just change into them.
  • If you don’t take the bus you can ask some of your neighbors who go to the same school, or just neighbors, if they could help you get rides because your parents can’t help you.

5 thoughts on “5 tips for getting ready for school in the morning

  1. Hi Charlie- I can see you are well organized. These tips sound very helpful and I personally use tip number 1 myself often. Enjoy your last day of school, Your teacher


  2. Charlie – I am so impressed with how you figured out your own way to have a smooth morning. These are tips that a person of any age can really use to help themselves. Nice job!


  3. Hi Charlie, It took me MUCH longer to figure out the plan that you use. Good work. ps so glad you have nice neighbors!


  4. Hi Charlie, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on getting ready for school each morning. I used to do tip number 4 and stopped that years ago. I realized through your post that I need to reengage that tip. I know my mornings will run much smoother AND I will be thinking of you for reminding me to plan ahead.


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