My Kindle Got the Best of Me

Parent teacher conferences last week. Max, Charlie and Ian all attended theirs. Some great things came out and we had a lot of fun. One topic that came up was “was Charlie getting enough sleep?”

You see, earlier in the year her teacher talked to me about the fact the she was lying down in the middle of the class and not paying attention at school or interacting with kids. When I talked to Charlie about it it turned out she was staying up past 10 every night reading Harry Potter. I suggested that the teacher talk to Charlie directly, instead of talking to me about… so here we are a month or two later and I wanted to know how it turned out, especially since I know she’s reading two Harry Potter books right now (5 at  school and 6 at home).

Charlie’s teacher said things are going great, and “it’s like the Charlie she knew from last year is back”… but Charlie said a little sheepishly “Last night my Kindle got the best of me.”

She was up until 11:30 the night before conferences reading again… :)



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