How girl birthday parties are different than boy birthday parties.

Overheard from Charlie’s 9-year-old birthday sleepover party:

“You know your brother who was bothering us last night?”



“Do you think he’s in love with one of us?”

… which turned into a two minute convo where they decided which of the girls he was in love with.


Other differences include:

  • Less guns.
  • Disney movies vs. Ferris Buller (and a firm rejection of Monty Python’s Holy Grail).
  • Earlier bedtimes (as in everyone at the party slept at least some).
  • More noise (this one was a surprise).
  • Baking projects in the morning.
  • And joint trips to the bathroom.

I also don’t know if this is a boy/girl thing or just has to do with Charlie’s friends being different than Max’s, but Max’s friends seem much more experienced consuming media (movies, video games, etc.) which Charlie’s friends get bored quicker and want to chat.


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