My 11-year-old just wasted $30 on a stupid mistake

Max wasn’t acting like himself. Wasn’t eating diner. Seemed distracted. I went to check on him and he was pacing around the attic.

There’s some sort of cold going around, so I asked if he was OK. He said yeah, but then blurted out, “I’m really mad because I thought I cancelled my World of Warcraft account two months ago, but I didn’t and now I’ve been charged $30!”

Now I’m thinking a few things. First off I’m psyched that he has his own credit card not mine. But I’m also thinking about how great of a learning experience this is… specifically because it IS his own credit card.

I did suggest  that Max reach out to tech support and try to get some of the money back. They probably have a record that he hasn’t logged in over those two months and it’s possible they’ll refund some or all of it.

Of course there’s also a chance they won’t. Either way he’ll learn a good life-lesson.

All this because he has his own credit card!


Great life-lessons for an 11-year-old!


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