Good Parenting Day

Missed bus. Late for school. My kid is the stinky kid. Don’t want to take a bath. Forgot lunch (again). Meltdown in school (again). Forgot to pick up Charlie from school.

Sounds like a horrible parenting day but it was a GREAT one!

Read on…


7:55 timer went off in the kitchen. That was Charlie’s reminder to herself to get her coat and shoes on so she’d be ready when her ride got here. She packed her lunch the night before so she’s all set. Unfortunately because she was all set she was able to play all morning, which meant Max played with her and missed the bus.

9:30 Max finally finds his gloves, boots, the bike pump, etc. and leaves for school (the rules are if you don’t get yourself to school you can’t have any  sugar, friends, and screen time that day or all weekend if it’s a Friday). I honestly wasn’t sure he was going to make it.

11 I get to Max’s school and teach the kids how to program Flappy Bird. My last programming language was skewed towards the boys, but this one engaged girls and boys equally. Win! Got a bunch of unprompted Thank Yous.

1:30 Tristan’s parent-conference. While they did ask why we’re letting our kid wear the same pajamas for 3 days and nights, otherwise it went great. Ian started the year being “that kid”. You know the one. The kid that screams and throws chairs and scratches kids and just doesn’t fit in. But he’s landed. They do have to remind him to ask before giving a classmate a hug, but in the grand scheme of things that’s a huge step up.

BONUS: The reason that Tristan has become *such* a hugger, is that Max decided that Tristan plays too many “fighting” games so he’s been playing hugging games and saying things like “I bet daddy’s going to give me a hug before Tristan!” and so of course Tristan has been racing to be the “best” and the “fastest” hugger. All because of Max. Really, it’s all him.

2PM Email from Ian’s teacher. Fighting with kids. Didn’t eat lunch. Etc.

3:15PM Max gets home from school covered in mud. Wiped out on his bike on the way home and was concerned that his clothes wouldn’t be cleaned in time to bike in again tomorrow morning with a friend who lives half a mile away… I suggested he just do a load of laundry, which he did.

3:20PM Text from the office asking why I didn’t pick up Charlie. Doh! Wait to talk to Ian when he gets home or let Charlie cool her heels? I decide to wait.

3:30PM Ian gets home. Tears. No lunch. Horrible choices. Didn’t want school lunch and hates their grilled cheese. PB&J sandwich and I head out to get Charlie.

3:45PM “Hi, Charlie. I’m sorry. Ever do that makes sense at the time but in hindsight seems dumb. Well right after you left for school I realized I *wasn’t* actually picking you up this Thursday and that it’s NEXT Thursday but I didn’t know who to call so I just figured you’d find a ride home, but I should have just called the office. I don’t know what I was thinking. You could have gotten a ride home with someone”. “Yeah or taken the (public) bus!”

4PM Stopped by A2Z and got Charlie some Origami paper. Picked up Tristan and Christine.

5PM Home. Checked on Max and Ian who were both playing with friends.

6PM Dinner, Christine napping.

7PM Max asked if I’d play a video game with him. I told him it could only happen if Ian figured out food for school and if Tristan got a bath (which he vowed never to do). Ian wanted to go find a friend to hang out with. I told him he couldn’t until he packed plenty of healthy snacks to stash in his school locker so we don’t have a repeat of today. Within 5 minutes he had a bag with rice cakes, a jar of peanut butter, and applesauce. I sign off on it and he goes looking for friends… in the meanwhile Max took a bath with Tristan. Washed his hair. Got him into jammies and diaper. Made him a snack. Read him stories. While I got to play a game with Charlie. Christine woke up from her nap and brushed Tristan’s teeth and snuggled with him and Ian while Max and I got to play a video game.

All in all pretty damn good day.


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