School Night Sleepover? Why not?

Tonight Charlie (age 9) asked if she could sleep over Emaline’s. It’s a school night so our first thought was “no”, but then we thought, why not?

She’s super responsible, and my guess is she’ll get to bed earlier at Emaline’s than our house. She doesn’t have a bedtime at home and got some new books this week so I don’t think she’s been in bed before 10PM in a week.

When we said “sure” here’s what she did:

  1. She picked out her clothes for tomorrow, described them to Emaline and told Emaline 3 places she could look for them, while Charlie went on to
  2. Pack her lunch for tomorrow.
  3. Then she gathered her backpack and gear and biked to Emaline’s house (7 blocks away).

A little after she left I got an email from the school saying:

Chorus tomorrow. Wear blue shirts to school!

So I texted Miriam to make sure she knew and of course Charlie already remembered and packed her blue chorus shirt.

Charlie going through the calendar and backdating her reading assignments based on what book she read those nights. I don’t think I EVER cared enough about school to do that, and trust me she read MUCH MORE than was required.

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