Doing something right as a parent

The other day Charlie Grace (9) came up to Christine and said:

Me and Emaline don’t want to play with Ian and Tristan. They want be guards in our game, and we don’t need guards. We can guard ourselves and we want to be guards.

Christine and I were driving to Mission Impossible with Max yesterday and I was talking about how we have a tech company which has more women than men. I didn’t even realize that Max (11) was listening and he said:

It’s good that we’re getting close to Gender Equality. We’re still not there but it’s good that there’s progress.

I love that my kids know and think about things like this and I feel like I’m doing something right by exposing them to things like this. I grew up with my mom so I have a pretty high standard for women… which is how Christine stole my heart many years ago.

She was my student with no art background. I had a degree in art and had been studying animation for years, and by half-way through the semester she was a million times better at me than everything I was teaching…

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.51.30 AM


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