How do the kids feel about moving to Italy?

In general the kids are pretty pumped about moving to Italy. We’ve involved them in this process. They basically picked the country. We might have ended up here anyway, but really when we brought it up they all gravitated to Italy so it made the choice easy for us.

It’s sort of like school, if kids get a choice they’re more invested. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Last time we were in Italy.
Last time we were in Italy.

Max (11)

Two months ago:

“How do you feel about Italy? Happy, sad, scared, excited?”

“Yeah all of those.”

A month ago

Dad, we’re pretty close to Greece, can we go there?

He’s pretty pumped all around and totally “gets it”.

Charlie (9)

Two months ago:

I don’t want to go. I’ll loose my place at Hilltown and I’ll miss my friends when I get back

A few weeks ago:

It’s going to be awesome. I’m going to miss my friends but now that I’ve officially lost my spot at Hilltown I’m psyched.

We were holding the spot until we were 100% sure we were going.

The other night she was talking about missing her friends and how it was a bummer and so Christine said:

We were thinking “what’s the worst thing we could do for Charlie” and then we realize it was moving to Italy. That would totally ruin her life.
We also considered moving to the dump. But there’s too much cool stuff at the dump, so we decided on Italy since we thought Charlie would hate that more.

Charlie (and all of us) were cracking up.

Ian (7)

Ian is at a tough age. He takes everything so personally. If a friend at school says something he’ll be sad for a week or a month if we don’t catch it and help him. He’s been talking about how he’s stupid and all sorts of things. He reads three grades above his current level and his math skills are even higher. He’s an amazing artist with a great singing voice and great rhythm but he’s very self-critical right now.

We’ve been working on it and he’s getting better, but some of it is just age (Charlie was the same way at this age).

He’s super worried about not knowing the language… which I don’t think is a valid concern. He picks it up so damn fast, but I think he just doesn’t want to be wrong.

Tristan (4)

“And tomorrow we’re going to Italy”

“Um… no that’s not for another month.”

We drew everything on the calendar for him and we go over it periodically. He doesn’t fully get it, but that’s fine…


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