Go to our visas and can legally move to Italy for a year!

Sorry I’ve been slow to update, but we did it!

  • 5 day-long trips to the Boston Consulate (3 with the kids in tow).
  • $1,400 in fees, copies, parking tickets, towing fees, etc.
  • 12 pounds of paper copied (really I haven’t TOUCHED this much paper total in the past 5 years even counting junkmail that I send right to recycling).
  • Trips to Springfield, calls to Pitsfield, emails to Portugal, favors in New Haven, signed letters from friends, lots of math, $650 in unsigned money orders from a bank emails and calls to a congressman’s office (thanks to a wise babysitter’s tip)…

Of course last night I found this paragraph on the Italian State Police website which seems like it’s saying that we didn’t even need visas for the kids…

If you reside legally in Italy you can have your children included in your residence permit and / or That of your spouse provided they are under the age of 14.

But I don’t care, we’ve got them!



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