So how long does it take to pack for 10 months?

IMG_0109How long does it take to pack up your entire life?

The short answer is 4-5 hours… IF your wife does most of the work.

See I only had to pack up my stuff, and *some* of the kids stuff they’re taking, and run some errands (buying overnight diapers and things like that).

I packed my cloths a week ago and set out the things to wear today (30m). I also cleared out my desk last week (1h). Then there was an hour of back-and-forth with Christine (where’s my winter stuff, horse trading over how many nail clippers to bring, etc.) and 10m reviewing kids backpacks and another 10 getting their winter gear packed. Then 30m of stuffing and weighing suitcases and backpacks.

This probably won’t suprise anyone who knows her, but Charlie was packed a few days before, and so she had a friend sleep over so she wasn’t bored last night… :)
  • Max probably spent 2 hours total, with half of that making sure we had the right apps on the iPad (look they have Zombie Dice! Everyone has Settlers of Catan on their iPad, right?)
  • Ian spent 30m getting his clothes packed and another 30m this morning getting his carry-on packed (I’m not going to zip up this pocket all the way so Pin (his doll) has fresh air.
  • Tristan spent an hour this morning trying on backpacks and packing his stuff.
  • And Christine probably spent 50-80 hours over the past couple of weeks schlepping things into the basement, and packing her stuff up.

We’re bringing 4.5 large suitcases and 6 pieces of carryon.

We’re renting our house fully furnished so we didn’t have to worry about the big things…

And here we are. 2.5h until our taxi arrives. Mostly ready to go. Another friend of Charlie’s stopped by and I just had to kick them off the roof. Max and Ian are getting in some final screen-time (as if there are no computers in Italy), Tristan is drawing, and Christine is running some last-minute errands.

Me… I blog… :)


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