And they’re off! First Day of Italian School

First day of school. Morning went *fairly* well.

Everyone packed lunches and backpacks last night at 9PM (after some last-minute shopping). Everyone woke up well and Charlie and Ian were standing at the door ready to go 10m before we had to leave, but Max got the shaft with the shower timing and the cold shower was sort of a sucky way to start his school experience.

Christine wrote up a list of common terms this morning for each of the kids to take with them. (my name is, I don’t understand, etc.). It was REALLY appreciated.

I took Max to his school and Christine took Charlie and Ian (still haven’t found a school to take Tristan, we might have to wait until we get our residency approved at which point the school *can’t* refuse us).

Max’s school was a bit of a mob scene. Tons of parents in front.

Max commented how odd it is to see parents and teachers smoking outside the building. While waiting sort of heard a microphone, but not many people seemed to move so we ignored it, unfortunately that means we missed them calling Max’s class and his name (doh)… so we fought our way to the front and the guy who holds the door (not sure his real job but he was around and helpful yesterday too) took Max to his class.

Max trying to get to the front of his school to get into the building…
They do NOT have uniforms but the younger kids buy “smocks” that they wear. Ian is modeling his here. Boys are black, girls are white. Many have little Disney characters on them, but both our kids wanted plain.