Charlie’s new school

Charlie had a “Great” day today and is really excited for her new school. It’s opening a monetary can of worms ($10k per kid) since Ian’s had a bad week (his coat got stolen and there’s a kid the pinches him every time he walks by and he doesn’t have enough vocab to get help), and Max’s Italian class just ended so he’s back in a normal classroom all the time and doesn’t feel ready…

I feel weird sending the kids to an english speaking school in Italy, but they’ve learned a lot about education and learning and culture over the past 3 months in the HORRIBLE Italian public schools.

I think it’s going to be worthwhile… it’s a very small school with flexible programs. I’d be super surprised if Max and Ian didn’t learn more academically in the next 3 months than the past 3 years of public schools. Not sure if they’ll be able to go back to public schools after that, but yeah we’re doing it.

Feels odd and very upper-middle class, and totally sucks for people who don’t have the money do this for their kids.

Well actually it sucks for the kids. As my friend Ben says “the US promise of equality and education that we so often don’t deliver on”.

But on the flip side, regardless of the fact that they can make friends and learn something, look at the ceilings! Don’t you want to say you went to school in a building like that?

PS: I might have mentioned but all the kids have to have iPads and do things like “use garage band and iMovie for class presentations”… so smart. Excited to learn from it and hopefully I’ll get a chance to be a substitute teacher a few times over the next few months.