I’ve noticed a shift lately…

Christine has never really liked price shopping or planning. Things like vacations or deciding if we need to get something for the kids or if the old one is good enough.

She doesn’t want the details, she just wants a decision. I don’t really like doing the research, but I hate skipping it and leaving money on the table. It’s why my kids have more clothes that are 3rd-hand with holes in them than cloths that are even second-hand.

But really Max is the most thrifty in the family. He’s most apt to say “we don’t need a Christmas tree, let’s save the money” or whatever. He also has well thought out reasoning to his decisions. I mean his input is the reason we’re in Italy right now, not another country.

So if Charlie chooses to go to this new school they require all students have an iPad. We got iPad Minis for all the kids so we could put games on them and they could FaceTime their friends an do Doulingo and Khan Academy but according to the school they’ve found the mini’s to be a little small, esp. when the kids are in class doing assignments like “make a presentation using iMovie”… so I’m debating if we should get a new iPad for Charlie (and maybe Ian who might come here, and maybe Max who might come here).

Of course Charlie *wants* one and keeps advocating for one, but should we get one?

Well if we buy one here in Italy it will cost about $490 for an iPad with 32GB (they kids are all having trouble with the 16GB on the minis). If I have my mom pick it up at Best Buy and bring it over for us the same exact machine will be $350. That’s a $140 savings per iPad… that we might not need…

I’m going to have to have a chat with Max after I get home… :)