Croatia and Bosnia

Our Xmas holiday was lots of fun… pictures attached.

We started off at our FAVORITE farm in Italy, where we got to meet some Christmas puppies when they were a day old! So tiny.


Ian and I got a stomach bug and spent a couple of days in bed, but we all still had a great time. A few of us did get out for a day trip to a nearby castle which is about a million times cooler than these pictures make it seem.

Speaking of “cooler than the photos” Croatia rocked! We stayed at an AirBnB on a working farm. Very different than the wide open organic farm in Italy, instead it was a small cluster of houses and barns with rabbits, pigs, cows, and a little pony. They make yummy cheese from the cows and shared a pig roast and yummy holiday cookies with us.

During the day we visited the AMAZING Plitvice Lakes. We’re hoping to go back in the spring when everything is green… these pictures don’t do it justice.

We did also take a day to see Star Wars! We have tickets to go to England in January to see it, and didn’t want to see it in Italian (since they dub movies here) but we were only an hour from Bosnia and they only do subtitles so we jumped over the border and got to see it. Charlie said it was her favorite Star Wars movie because the others don’t have any strong female leads… :)

Here’s some pictures, which again don’t do it justice:

Other thoughts:

  • People in Croatia are SUPER nice.
  • Most people speak English. They watch TV in English with subtitles from a young age, as opposed to Italy where everything is translated.
  • The Italian towns closer to the Croatian border are more open than the middle of Italy where we’re living.
  • I wish we’d brought Max’s old iPhone, our new ones have the micro SIM card and neither of the wireless providers in Croatia have SIM cards that small. We managed to cut ours down and got it to work for phone calls, but only got data to work once for a few minutes at the bottom of the lake path.
  • We took the kids to McDonalds! It was quite an experience. We were on the highway and needed gas and wanted to get to a hotel, and didn’t have internet access, and were using a cached version of a Google Map to navigate, which had odd holes in it so we just stopped at the rest area. You’d think we were trying to torture the kids! Apparently they’ve been to McDonalds once with Papa Bob who FORCED them to eat something and all they know about McDonalds is that it’s made of pink sludge (not sure what this is all about, but something the found online apparently). That being said, it was cheap with a clean bathroom and easy. No one *hated* the actual food. It took us an absurdly long time to figure out what to order, it seemed like most other customers just walked up and said what they wanted, as opposed to us who had to discuss everything… :)
  • Ian LOVES the snow. Usually they have at least a couple of feet of snow in Croatia by New Year, but this year there was only a little frozen ice/snow on a hill across the street, which Ian spent HOURS playing on.
  • I asked the kids if there was anything they wanted to share and they said:
    • It was much colder than Siena (which only gets a little snow every few years apparently).
    • It was pretty. (pretty waterfall)
    • There was snow.
    • We got cloths there (actually that was Bosnia… but it was closer to drive an hour to Bosnia than it was to drive to any Croatian).