Public School Vs Private School

Some differences between public, private, and charter schools.

Northampton policy on attendance.

Regular attendance is important to a student’s academic success and establishing positive social relationships… The school notifies the Attendance Officer when a student is repeatedly absent. The school may file a criminal complaint against a parent whose child is absent for more than…

Hilltown Charter School (a public school kids can elect to join. Not on a public bus route so tends to have MUCH more involved parents). We were told verbally when we took the kids to Europe a couple of years ago that if Charlie missed more than 15 days of school in the school year she’d have to petition the board to stay at Hilltown and would otherwise get kicked out and have to go back to public jail school.

Family vacations are not considered excused absences. Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School strongly discourages unexcused absences. Family vacations resulting in student absence from school creates significant disruption to the educational process… Teachers are not required to provide make up work for unexcused absences. Parents/guardians are responsible for overseeing the student’s educational progress during the unexcused absence.

Private International School policy:

Sickness – let sick children stay at home, don’t rush to bring them back until they are fully well. Inform school that they will be absent.