I LOVE homework!

First off, I’m one of those parents who think Homework is dumb. Studies show it doesn’t help most students until 4th or 7th grade, and even then it only helps marginally. It also discriminates against working families or less educated families and can lead to an increased gap between the high-performing kids with involved parents and the low performing kids with working parents or single parents. Projects *sound* great on the surface but wreck havoc with families who have other commitments (sports, music, family commitments, etc.), and don’t get me started on worksheets!

Some people argue that children learn “important time management skills” from homework, but that’s bullshit. The parents micromanage 95% of the kids under 10 and it just builds a cycle of dependency. If teachers were going to craft a lesson plan to “teach kids to be accountable and ready for middle/high school” I’m pretty damn sure it wouldn’t be “send home some generic worksheets every night and bitch to the parents on parent-teacher night if they kids don’t turn them in on time”.

All this being said, Max and Charlie GENUINELY love doing their homework, and I’m so lucky that right now in my life I have time to do it with Charlie. Tonight we researched the refugee crisis. We read articles together (mostly I read and she listened), discussed issues, asked and answered questions and she bookmarked a few choice articles on her iPad to share with her class later in the week.

Ian’s a little more reluctant to start his homework, but once he starts he LOVES it. Yesterday he made a complex math game with tanks (not pictured):


Today he wrote an email to his teacher talking about his vacation. The ONLY things I helped with were logging in to his account without logging into mine, bulleted lists, and his teacher’s email:

Dear Ms. Alex,

  • I went to a farm an found cats, and other things like petting doggies, running laps, fighting for king Priggles, and just drawing.
  • then I went to my cousin Amy’s house where I did an easter egg hunt. There were awesome new star wars legos
  • I then went to Carcassonne and saw very cool things like parts of an awesome meeple castle
  • Then we went to Barcelona and saw an amazing Spanish architects house which belonged to a guy named Goudi. then we saw a church he had planned but in ww2, lots were burnt and Goudi had died by getting hit by a tram. then the workers had to re-plan the whole church an started working on it. And without Goudi.
  • then we left which meant going to the airport. Then we flew to Roma (Rome) and got a rental car and flew back.
(I left a word wrong to make this text funny. Can you find it?)
Some of you may have already seen this on Facebook, but over break Charlie had to make a comic strip diary of a day of her trip: