What’s it Like to Move Back to the US After Living in Italy for a Year?

We’ve been back in the US for a week. What does that look like:

  • 7 Days
  • 13 boxes of Mac and Cheese
  • 3 visits to Thai for take-out
  • 2 trips to the new Indian restaurant
  • 1 Party at our house (first night back)
  • 38 guests
  • 2 Awesome neighbors who dealt with food for the party
  • 6 sleepovers (Max=1, Ian=2, Charlie = 3)

The best things about the US:

  • Working appliances … not only do they all work (oven turns on, etc.) but they can all work AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Longer than 3-minute showers… with hot water the ENTIRE time.
  • Soft toilet paper!
  • Soft tissues!

Worst things:

  • That rug in front of the front door that gets stuck when we open it…

(OK, it’s a little thing, but it’s the only thing I’ve found so far… :)

Everyone’s a little on edge but excited to be home with friends. Still living out of boxes but at least we found nail clippers and toothbrush chargers.