Parents in the US are less happy than their kid-less counterparts, and the government wants it that way…

Check this out.

“the parental “happiness penalty” between parents and nonparents actually varies from country to country. Parents the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia are less happy than the childfree, but in places like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Hungary, parents are actually happier than nonparents.”


According to Glass, the two biggest factors in the gap for every country came down to the cost of caring for the average 2-year-old as a percent of income, and the total number of paid sick and vacation days. The data showsthat the U.S. is laughably behind other countries in paid days off, and a recent study found that childcare costs were higher than rent in 500 of 618 areas of the U.S. In fact, when compared to other industrialized nations, the U.S. ranks last in every measure of family policy, according to The Washington Post. When you realize how little help they get compared to parents in other parts of the world, it’s no wonder that American parents are less happy than their childless peers.

So… regardless if you YOU personally want kids (I do… I love the chaos), if you look at what’s best for the country. In low population countries that need fresh blood and can’t attract immigrants, they should have very socialist policies. Lots of vacation time. Long paternal leave. Affordable daycare. In countries suffering from overpopulation, or who are striving to maintain the status quo and NOT grow, policies more like the US make sense.

I’m honestly not sure which is best for the US. I mean I love kids so personally I want to see us having more vacation time for everyone, and better/more affordable support for children and families… but I also have seen the data that shows diversity is what made us strong for so long as a country, so from a strictly data point of view it seems like we’ll be stronger as a country (and as humans in general) if we find most of our growth through immigration which will give us more diversity of thought, more flexibility and adaptability, and in general make us more competitive as a country…